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Welcome you on our new shopping experience site, where the excitement and the savings begin!!!


We know that you are still checking us out and you don't belive your eyes seeing the prices of the products!

But they are all true, you can read the testimonies in the "Testimonials" menu!

So, how much the items really cost on our site?

Usually, if you shop anywhere else, you pay full retail price, or you can have some discounts, right?


You can purchase any items for 20% less than the retail price straight away if you don't want to participate in any auctions! That is already a considerable discount!

All auctions are starting with £0.00! The price of the item is only determined by the users who are placing BIDs on that particular item! Obviously, the more users bidding the higher the price wil be!

But still, on our site you can get these products for the fraction of the retail price! There is no other opportunity to get them by up to 80-90% less. In addition, these items are all brand new and factory packaged with a factory warranty!

Check out the "Finished Auctions" where you can see the last 50! You will see how much those items really went for!

DON'T HESITATE! Register for FREE and try it with your free 10 Credits! Purchase more Credits and jump right in!

You can have your desired TV, Camera or MP3 Player, or whatever you want! Just win the auction and you can have it for 80-90% less!



You are not only saving a tremendous amount of money on our site, but you also can earn with us!

It is simple! Invite 3 of your friends to have the excitement and the savings! As soon as they purchase their first Credit Pack, you will get 10% of those! These credits will appear on your account when the third of your friend complete his/hers purchase!

For example: you invite your best friend John, your cousin Fred and the girl next door, Rita. John purchases £200, Fred needs £300 and Rita will go for the £400 Credit Packs!

How much will you get?

You will get 90 Credits as soon as Rita completes her purchase!
That is about £80 worth of Credits!

Is it worth inviting your friends?


But there is more! Keep on inviting and you keep on getting credits after every 3 friends!
How many people do you know who also can live with 90% off from the item prices?

Just think about it!
Don't forget to give your registered e-mail address when you talk to them!



You are with us already, you won an auction, but you rather like your girlfriend to have that mobile phone that you have just purchased!

Do you think your girlfriend would be happy?


Well, you can do this on our site now! Just purchase it as you normally would do!
Write us an e-mail and give the exact details of your girlfriend!
Give us your user name, the item you have won and the date!

From then on we will take care of the rest! We pack the item, and ship it to the given address!
The delivery company will inform her of the delivery time!
Obviously, you need to notify your girlfriend about the package arrival!

This is not all!

You can do this in 26 European countries!

These countries are: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Czech Republic and the mainland of United Kingdom.

So, no matter where your loved ones live, you still can surprise them for Birthdays, Christmas or whatever the occasion would be!

They not just would love you for it, but you never had an opportunity to do this before for this cheap, right?

So, what are you waiting for?

REGISTER, PURCHASE CREDITS, BID and WIN the item you choose!

Be excited and have fun with it!

See you soon as a registered user!

The Bidshine Team